Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence and Excellence in Early Childhood Education

The Prime Minister’s Awards  for Excellence in Early Childhood Education honour outstanding and innovative early years educators who excel at fostering the early development of the children in their care and classroom

Award recipients are selected based on their innovative approaches, outstanding ability to support the development of the children in their care, exemplary involvement with parents, families and the community, and on their overall commitment and leadership to the early childhood education and care profession. Awards are worth up to $5,000 and winners are honoured by the Prime Minister. Please spread the word, and help ensure that more outstanding Canadian educators receive the recognition they deserve!

Guidelines and nomination forms for the 2011-2012 Prime Minister’s Awards are now available at the following links:

Early Childhood Educators      

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Teachers


For more information visit or call 613-946-0651

BC Education Plan

The Ministry of Education launched a new website detailing  BC’s Education Plan on Friday, October 28.

As a result of the Plan and an interactive engagement initiative, citizens of our province are now able to contribute their thoughts on how our Ministry could and should approach education transformation. This marks the first time an engagement activity of this scope and magnitude has been launched by government in B.C. The Plan will impact all citizens in the province – and we want everyone to have an opportunity to have their say. We’ve already received hundreds of comments from teachers, students, parents, administrators and the general public about BC’s Education Plan. Please encourage your professional and personal networks to look at the Plan and engagement website and ask them to provide their comments. We encourage you to not only participate, but to tell the people you know about this exciting opportunity to provide input into the future of British Columbia’s education system. We all have a role to play in this.

To learn more about BC’s Education Plan and to share your thoughts and ideas with us on the direction you would like to see education go in the future, please visit You can also follow us on Twitter. We will be posting regular tweets including highlights of what we are hearing from public conversations in the discussion forum. Public engagement questions on the website will change regularly, giving you the opportunity to touch on multiple themes over the coming weeks.

This is your opportunity to provide thoughtful input into the future of British Columbia’s education system. Join the conversation and be part of this education transformation.

Welcome – Introducing the Early Years Blog



Since 2007, the Ministry of Education Early Years team has published a quarterly newsletter for StrongStart BC facilitators and district staff with responsibility for early learning. As part of a broader government focus on innovation and citizen engagement, the Early Years team has moved the Early Years Newsletter from PDF/email format to a blog format and the content is now relevant to educators who work with children 0-8 years.


The blog posts will consist of program reminders, notices, field stories, studies, resources, and article reviews. With the ability to subscribe to the blog posts and receive more frequent and timely updates, this blog will become a convenient and valued tool for engaging with educators. Moreover, the blog will eventually allow for reader comments which can increase communication and information sharing.


Please take the time to subscribe to receive email notification of new postings. 


These are exciting times in early years education.  We welcome you to join us at Play Today: BC’s Early Years Blog for Educators!


With the introduction of personalized learning in B.C.’s education system comes many exciting changes, including increased interaction and engagement with the education field.


– The Early Years Team, Learning Division, Ministry of Education