Welcome – Introducing the Early Years Blog



Since 2007, the Ministry of Education Early Years team has published a quarterly newsletter for StrongStart BC facilitators and district staff with responsibility for early learning. As part of a broader government focus on innovation and citizen engagement, the Early Years team has moved the Early Years Newsletter from PDF/email format to a blog format and the content is now relevant to educators who work with children 0-8 years.


The blog posts will consist of program reminders, notices, field stories, studies, resources, and article reviews. With the ability to subscribe to the blog posts and receive more frequent and timely updates, this blog will become a convenient and valued tool for engaging with educators. Moreover, the blog will eventually allow for reader comments which can increase communication and information sharing.


Please take the time to subscribe to receive email notification of new postings. 


These are exciting times in early years education.  We welcome you to join us at Play Today: BC’s Early Years Blog for Educators!


With the introduction of personalized learning in B.C.’s education system comes many exciting changes, including increased interaction and engagement with the education field.


– The Early Years Team, Learning Division, Ministry of Education

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