Workshop Series: Aboriginal Children and Families In B.C.

Marcia Dawson is launching a workshop series in January 2012 on Aboriginal Children and Families in B.C.

The sessions are designed to provide participants with foundational information and understanding about Aboriginal children and families in B.C.  Building on each session, the series of three (3) workshops include:

Why is History Important?  Understanding Aboriginal History in B.C.

This session provides overview of the distinct nation groups within a historical and contemporary context. Using a timeline approach, participants will gain knowledge about key events in history, such as colonization and assimilation, and how those events are linked to contemporary society today. Participants will get an overview of the broad range of issues for Aboriginal children, families and communities.

Resistance and Resilience – Colonization and its Impact on Aboriginal Children and Families in B.C

This session will cover the Indian Act, the Indian Residential Schools, the Indian Day Schools, and the Sixties Scoop along with other events such as the federal government’s apology to First Nations people. Participants will gain knowledge and understanding about the generational impacts on Aboriginal families and communities.

Aboriginal Understandings of Children’s Development – Critical Issues in Policy and Legislation. 

This session will provide an overview of Aboriginal perspectives of early childhood development followed by information about policy issues in program and service delivery for Aboriginal children and families in B.C. as well as discussions regarding the impact of legislation and regulations.

Who Should Attend?

Ministry staff                              Teachers

Government workers               Child Care Providers

Social Workers                           Health Workers

Police, Law Enforcement        Administrators of Service Agencies

StrongStart BC/Early Childhood Educators       

Early Registration is December 9 and Final Registration is December 16, 2011.

To register or for more information, contact: Marcia Dawson at 250.590.9190 or

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