Glorious Mud!

Join the Nature Action Collaborative for Children and the World Forum community by celebrating Mud Day wherever you live.  Plan to play in the mud with us on June 29, 2012 — the second international celebration of this World Forum event.

Last year adults and children around the world kicked off the very first Mud Day.  You can view photos and stories  about these celebrations on the World Forum website.  Now you can organize your own activities, invite children and families to participate, take photos and write your story, share resources on mud play and outdoor experiences.  But most of all we invite you to go outdoors with a playful spirit and muck about with children.

~excerpt from Child Care Exchange

In preparation for Mud Day, a mud pie kitchen was created by one of the early years coordinators here at the Ministry of Education.  We hope you are inspired by the photos of this wonderfully messy and rich experience for children.

What do you see going on in these pictures? What is this experience supporting?