Twitter Town Hall – Parent Communication

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Announcing an upcoming Twitter Town Hall (TTH) on parent communication. The TTH will be facilitated by Jane Thornthwaite, Parliamentary Secretary for Student Support and Parent Engagement and is hosted by the Ministry of Education.

Tuesday, January 22, 7-8 pm

How the Twitter chat will work:
• Parliamentary Secretary for Student Support and Parent Engagement Jane Thornthwaite (@jthornthwaite) will take your questions via Twitter on parent engagement in BC education. She will answer as many questions as possible. Obviously it will be impossible for her to answer all of them in the time we have available.
• Ministry of Education staff will help moderate the chat via the @bcedplan Twitter account. Their job is to ensure the conversation runs smoothly, stays on topic and is on time. They will also provide brief summaries of each topic/question after it closes and a more detailed summary after the Twitter chat.

How to participate:
• To follow the conversation go to or enter #bcparent into your chosen Twitter client (e.g., Hootsuite, TweetDeck). This will give you the feed of all the tweets for our event
• To tweet a question or a comment you will need to have your own Twitter account.
• When you tweet, please use the hashtag #bcparent. If you don’t your tweet won’t appear in our feed and we can’t respond. It also won’t appear in our archive at the end of the event
• When responding to a tweet, please use the “reply” button to ensure conversations remain threaded
• To send a tweet to Parliamentary Secretary Jane Thornthwaite use her handle @jthornthwaite and include #bcparent
• One popular tool for participating in twitter chats is You don’t need a special account, but you will need to connect your twitter account to send tweets
• The Twitter town hall will be a live event, so it may not be possible to respond to all questions received