New series coming soon….

cat thinkingAs educators we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to further enrich the experience we offer to the children in our program. Whether it is late night scouring of Pinterest  or networking with fellow educators or seeking out conferences and workshops – we are eager to expand our “toolbox”.

Beginning in the new year, we will be offering opportunity to share ideas and finds by hosting a blog series called Enriching Areas of Interest. The early years team at the Ministry will collect ideas on a variety of areas of interest related to early learning such as, light tables, authentic movement, natural play materials, art exploration, etc and highlight them for our readers. We encourage educators to share their genius ideas and clever finds in the comment section of each post with the hope of creating a great starting point for educators wanting to freshen up their StrongStart BC programs or early learning classrooms.

To add to the innovation, any idea we at the Ministry highlight will be shown in a StrongStart BC program to Grade 3 progression – a neat way to see how the same idea can be used and the relevancy in all early learning environments.

Let us know what areas you would love to see highlighted and we will add them to our ever-growing list!!

You can email any idea or wish to

Looking forward to sharing innovative approaches and ideas as well as learning a few too!!

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  1. Hi Cat,
    Nice to see your thinking on extending these ideas through to the end of grade 3. Early years don’t stop when children enter Kindergarten so it will be great for primary teachers to see themselves on this continuum. Could you also please share some ideas on great books that could be used for book clubs with ECE’s and primary teachers? thanks so much.
    Nancy Carl; Coquitlam

  2. Betty

     /  December 6, 2013

    Hello Catherine,

    I look forward to the new series Enriching Areas of Interest! This will be a boon for all educators. There is one area that I seek new insights… How to offer fibre and fabric within the setting… not only in the arts but environmentally and as play things. There is a strong emphasis in spaces on paper and its use. I am drawn to fibre and fabric for is sensual elements that I believe are much needed for today`s child.

    Looking forward to the series. Betty Exelby Mill Bay


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