Heart-Mind Challenge

heart mind

Were you able to participate in the Heart-Mind Conference this year or perhaps last?? The Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education is a provincial leader and resource on educating the hearts of BC’s young people. Building on insight gathered at the 2014 conference, the Dalai Lama Center has created the Heart-Mind Challenge as a tool to continue our growth and understanding of social emotional learning.

Here is how it works:
Every week for five weeks, the Dalai Lama Center will release a new Heart-Mind Challenge into your Inbox.

Each week is dedicated to one of the five positive human qualities that make up Heart-Mind Well-being.

Equipped with background information on each Heart-Mind quality and a do-able list of activities – you choose your action to promote this quality both in yourself and with the children in your life (your classroom, your school, your home, your neighbourhood).