Growing Together Toolkit & Familiarization Webinar

Attachment and bonding are crucial to the healthy development of young children and their families. There are many factors that can influence healthy attachment. Maternal mental health issues in the perinatal period can affect the natural progression of family development and infant mental health.

As an accompaniment to the Mother’s Mental Health Toolkit: A Resource for the Community, the Growing Together Toolkit was developed for service providers and families to provide information about infant mental health, especially for mothers experiencing perinatal mental health or substance abuse issues. The Toolkit contains information about how to notice mental health problems in families and strategies for helping mothers get the support they need.

The Growing Together Toolkit takes a workbook-style approach. In-depth information in each section of the Toolkit is punctuated by checklists, resources for further reading on each subject, and most importantly, practical steps and strategies to help mothers and families in need.

There are two familiarization webinars being held to introduce community service providers to the tool. Sign-up for these one-hour webinars, which will be held on February 25th at 3:00PM and February 26th at 10:00AM, on the BC Council for Families website: February 25, 2015 or February 26, 2015.