ECEBC 2016 Conference Opportunity

The Ministry of Education has partnered with the Early Childhood Educators of BC to organize a specialized StrongStart BC offering at ECEBC’s 2016 annual conference. StrongStart BC facilitators who attend the 2016 conference will be able to access customized professional development as well as opportunity for networking with other StrongStart BC facilitators from around the province.

Through funding from the Ministry of Education, StrongStart BC facilitator registration fees will be subsidized up to $325 per person. The subsidy will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Facilitators interested in attending the conference must register with ECEBC by sending their registration form by fax (604.709.6077) or email ( .  Please review ECEBC’s conference fee grid on page 19 of their  Conference Brochure.

To receive the subsidized registration fee, StrongStart BC facilitators must register for at least one of the two StrongStart BC facilitators’ workshops on Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6 (workshop B1 and C1).  Please fax registration forms to ECEBC at 604.709.6077, or email to

The Ministry of Education is also prepared to offer a travel bursary to reduce the cost for school districts to send StrongStart BC facilitators to ECEBC’s 2016 annual conference.  While bursaries will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, priority will be given to applicants from the Interior, the Kootenays, and Northern BC regions. Maximum bursary amounts for school districts from each region can be found in the table below. Please complete the attached application form and submit it to Yasmin Irani at or fax to 604.709.6077 by March 21, 2016 for review and decision.

Maximum Amounts for Travel Bursary
Northern BC = $2,500

Kootenays = $2,500

Interior = $2,500          

Northern Vancouver Island = $1,000

Southern Vancouver Island= $1,000

Sunshine Coast = $300

Lower Mainland = $200


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