Moderation Policy

We welcome your participation in comment discussion on this blog. Please note that comments are pre-moderated/reviewed and published according to the Privacy Statement and according to the following Moderation Policy. Therefore, we reserve the right not to post your comments based on the following criteria. We won’t post comments that:

  •  contain abusive, obscene, indecent, or offensive language
  • include defamatory, abusive, harassing, or hateful remarks
  • make unproven or unsupported accusations against individuals or organizations
  • constitute spam, promote services, or products
  • invade anyone’s privacy (i.e. identifying individuals) or impersonates anyone
  • are far off-topic
  • are posted without the necessary rights, licences, and consents 
  • encourage conduct that may or would constitute a criminal offence
  • identify any publicly-elected representative or candidate regardless of their political affiliation, whether those comments are supportive or critical
  • are contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

 We reserve the right to make minor edits to protect privacy (i.e. to remove names) and to remove indecent or offensive language in otherwise appropriate commentary. 

 Media representatives are asked to send questions through the B.C. Government Communications and Public Engagement department. Questions from media will not be posted.

Questions about this moderation policy or how it is applied need to be sent to

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